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Deal Timeball Tower

Timeball Images - Inside the Tower

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Timeball Images - Inside the Tower
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Dover & The Surrounding Area

Below is an image of the fireplace on floor 4 put in originally when the Tower became a place of residence. There is information on the 4th floor of the Tower about who lived within its walls before the Tower became the Deal Tourist Information Centre and then restored as it is today.  Please note that the Tourist Information Centre moved out from the Tower a number of years ago and is now situated in the Landmark Centre.


Below is the original mechanism that was used by the Timeball Tower keepers to move the ball at 1pm every day. Today a new computer-controlled mechanism has been fitted and for public entertainment has been set to drop every hour, on the hour between 9am and 5pm.  The mechanism was installed by the famous Gillett & Johnson Company and is synchronised to the atomic clock at Rugby by radio signal.



Above is a picture of the Timeball Tower shop with many different gifts for you to buy. Items range from postcards to exclusive paintings and limited edition prints. There is also an exclusive range of unique, high quality woodturned items made by a local craftsman - pens, pot-pourri bowls, perfume sticks etc. Custom made commission work can be undertaken at realsitic prices well below that of similar items - if you could find them - in the shops. There are things for the children to enjoy including the magnetic powered radio kit. Visit the shop at the end of your visit for that extra special souvenir to help you remember the Tower and the town of Deal. The first floor also includes some information on the tower.

Below: The solenoids responsible for dropping the ball mechanism when energised by the signal sent from Greenwich.


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